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Hehe.. Salam Lestari..

Edisi angkringan kali ini kembali ke tema bersepeda. Sudah beberapa lama Kang Wed tidak membuat goweser story, terutama sejak pindah ke Bandung, padahal kegiatan gowes di Bandung lebih banyak (baca: kalori yang terbakar) daripada di Kalimantan dahulu. Maklum saja, disamping waktu yang lebih padat dan kegiatan yang lebih banyak di Bandung, serta sisa energi untuk membuat tulisan juga tipis, akhirnya baru kali ini tulisan ini bisa dirilis ke para pembaca semua.


Well, medan gowes di Bandung sangat berbeda dibandingkan dengan medan di Kalimantan.

Di Kalimantan, kita masih bisa bersuka ria dan merasa belum capek walaupun sudah menempuh jarak lebih dari 50 km. Berbeda dengan di Bandung, terutama Bandung Utara, dengan gowes sejauh 10-an km saja, tingkat kecapekan kita sama atau bahkan melebihi gowes di Kalimantan sejauh 50km. Kenapa?

Topografi di Bandung yang cenderung berbukit-bukit dengan tingkat tanjakan dari landai sampai dengan extreme terbukti nyata menyumbang dalam peningkatan tingkat capek goweser. Tanjakan dengan kemiringan 30-45 derajat bukanlah hal yang aneh di Bandung, sementara itu, tanjakan 10 derajat di Kalimantan merupakan hal yang langka. Betul memang topografi di Kalimantan juga banyak tanjakan dan bukit-bukit, tapi tidak setinggi dan se-panjang tanjakan di Bandung.

Begitu juga rute gowes kali ini,

Destination : WARBAN (Warung Bandrek) Babe di daerah di atas Dago Pakar

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thanks to BAPPENAS

First February 2011 would be my unforgotten day of my live…

It was Tuesday afternoon when i had a regular meeting with other National Park employees
i still remembered when a strange number rang my new Onyx (little bit narcissistic would be perfect ok?) in the middle of the meeting, luckily i set the tone to silent mode. Even though, i had a task to record all the processes happened in the meeting, should i answer the phone while i was typing? do i looks like a four handed monster??
well i did ignore the call btw and the meeting goes on..
Meanwhile… came the breaktime .. then… unintendedly i searched the google for the phone number i have rejected recently.

How shocked i was, because google’s screen showed a similar number with the ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung) phone-line and i rejected it as i did to almost all unknown callers.
As soon as possible i reached my cellphone and made a call to that number but… only a fax machine’s tone i heard.

Furthermore i did a deeper search to the phone number i’ve found that it belongs to Master of Urban Planning Study Program. Thanks to Mr.Google. Finally i found another number which was not a fax machine.
After made a call, the long awaiting good news finally came.. yess i’ve been granted for a scholarship from Bappenas and luckily i’ve been accepted in ITB university in Bandung + University in Netherland.

After talked with my superiors and they allowed and encouraged me to take the chance, i prepared all things needed for the scholarship. Ten days later (11/3 2011) i leaved Putussibau for a long time to go to a new city called Bandung -my previous dream city to lived in- where my new task as a student began. Before i went from Putussibau, i sold some items that hard to be carried on. My computer rig, speakers, etc are sold to my colleagues. Lucky to them who bought my stuffs due to its low prices (TBH i needed money also :p).


Here i am… Living in a new city called Bandung. A city that used to be my dream place to study if only i accepted in STT Telkom about 13 years ago. God always has a way to grant the prayers…
Now i enjoys much for living in Bandung than my previous city (Putussibau).
Many things are almost a half priced here, especially the foods and clothes..
And … a lot of good loking girls also (undeniable……. haha) hopefully can get one of them :p
Hmm… almost forgot, why i wrote this post in English rather in Bahasa?
Yup right!!
I did it to practice my writing due to IELTS course i’ve attended.
6.5 is the minimum score i have to achieve in order to be accepted in Holland’s University, otherwise i should finish all my two years in ITB, hmm… i don’t think so.

Looks like i have wrote in adequate words (150 minimum :p how economic i am :p )
things interesting in Bandung

00:34 16th March 2011
early morning…
Kanayakan 2

edited : 3th July in JOG

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